Security Investigation and Solutions to Online Advertising Fraud Problems

The market share of online advertising, also known as Internet advertising, has been increasing dramatically in recent years. On the other hand, malicious behaviors, such as click fraud, have degraded the effectiveness of online advertising. Via fraud clicks, a considerable amount of revenues have been lost to fraud conductors. For instance, based on a report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers, click fraud accounts for as much as 36% of all advertising clicks, which costs defrauded advertisers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Investigating the empowerment of teachers and studentsat Northern Canadian schools throughtelecommunication technology

The proposed research project investigates how the Telepresence technology (Connected North) has an impact on Northern students’ and teachers’ educational experience. Our goal is to assess the impact of its implementation within three contexts: connecting students to students, connecting students to experts, and connecting teachers to teachers. To this end, we will administer questionnaires to teachers and students before and after the introduction of the technology, as well as compare groups who experience versus do not experience the technology for a particular curriculum unit.

Development of a Solvent-Free Technology for Production of High Functional Protein Powders from Oilseeds and Grains

Oilseeds and grains are considered to be excellent sources of non-animal proteins containing the appropriate essential amino acids required for optimal human health. Conventional protein production methods involve the use of solvents, concentrated acids and alkali that result in protein denaturation, thereby reducing the quality and functionality of the protein ingredients. The proposed project will explore the potential of a dry or solvent free electrostatic-based separation technique for the production of high-quality protein powders from soy and navy beans.

Cooperative Integrated Navigation Systems for GNSS-Challenging Environments

Connected Cars is an emerging technology that aims at enhancing driving experience and improving safety, productivity, and integrity of transportation systems. Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS) is a leader in telematics and infotainment technologies, including the convergence of both technologies in delivering the ultimate connected car experience. One of the core components in connected cars environment is an accurate and robust positioning system that can work in all environments. Current location technology is dominant by the popular Global Positioning System (GPS).

Lie Group Harmonic and Statistical Analysis of Human Movement

Statistical and harmonic analysis of 3-dimensional motions of objects or humans are instrumental to establish how these motions differ, depending on various influences. When such motions involve no tearing, they may be described

Fine-Grain MPI Year Two

The demand for computing power has been rapidly growing over the last decade. The ability to efficiently utilize computing resources and improve the productivity of applications is necessary for the competitiveness of any industry and it will become more critical as the demand for computational resources increases. The computer hardware sector has seen rapid advances with the introduction of multicore and many-core processors and has introduced many challenges for the software development community to efficiently utilize the new architectures.

In-building Ultra Wideband Pseudolite Localization and Tracking System

The goal of the proposed research project is to develop a suitable solution to realize high precision real-time navigation and positioning for in-building environments with different constraints. The research proposes the development of methods and technology road map of ultra wideband pseudo-satellite localization in various modes of applications. The project will help our industrial partner Pawaya Wireless Inc. develop inexpensive high-precision wireless positioning products.

Collocation-focused Writing Assistance for Adult Non-Native Writers Year Two

The project will research software for providing writing assistance to adult non-native writers in post-secondary education and corporate settings. Of particular interest is encouraging writers to employ a wider range of linguistic constructions, while avoiding repetitive, dull choices or language that is inappropriate to the local context or the genre of the text in question.

The Social and Technical Effects of Device and Display Configurations on Telemedicine

Telemedicine systems can connect health practitioners and patients with specialists in geographically distant regions. Yet we still do not have a strong understanding of how such systems are used and how they support or impede the workflow of health professionals. This research explores how nurses, general practitioners, and specialists make use of telemedicine systems and how the portability of these systems affects usage.

Design and Evaluation of a Lightweight Persistent Data Store for High-Frequent Concurrent Read and Write Accesses

This research project will systematically compare different design alternatives for a data store module that is tuned for concurrent accesses by multiple independent threads in a program. The particular access pattern is modelled after the specifics of automated securities trading programs implemented in Java. Based on a systematic evaluation, a prototype implementation will be developed that will allow X3 Trading to dramatically improve the efficiency of business application development.