Conversion of Petroleum Coke to More Valuable Products with Zero CO2 Emissions

The production rate of petcoke is growing rapidly because of continuous increase in the volume of heavy crudes. This poses a long-term challenge to the upgrading and refining plants to find an economical petcoke utilization approach and reduce their waste products and also environmental impacts. In addition to its profitability feature, this technology should ideally have minimum environmental impacts.

Designing a healthy lifestyle platform : Investigating the use of gamification to promote enduring healthy lifestyle choices

Past research has examined whether game mechanics can be used to motivate people to change their behaviour in the short-term. However, it is currently unclear how game mechanics can be used to motivate behaviour that persists long after people have stopped playing a game. This research project will explore how game mechanics, such as narrative and avatar creation, can be hamessed by a game-based health intervention to create meaningful experiences and memories in order to promote long-tenn healthy lifestyle choices.

Anishanaabe Maamwaye Aki Kiigayewin; Indigenous Inclusion

Between government obligation and corporate social responsibilities, mining companies are experiencing a need to maintain positive corporate-Indigenous relations as they develop and implement impact benefit agreements in ‘consultation’ with First Nations..

The Barriers and Opportunities for Private Developers Investing in Affordable Housing

The intent of this internship is to examine the barriers and opportunities policies set for the private sector to invest in affordable housing that is attractive to young adults in St. Catharines, Ontario. The rational behind this research stems from the gap in academic literature on young adults and their experiences with affordable housing. Although there is a wealth of knowledge on housing challenges, very little is known about how these challenges are affecting young adults in a Canadian context.

Design and implementation of wideband and low-side-lobe-level antenna array in LTCC technology for automotive millimeter-wave radar sensor applications

This project is a collaboration between MMSENSE Technologies and the Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS) at the University of Waterloo to research, investigate, and design an integrated radar module at millimeter-waves.

Finding new uses for existing drugs

During the summer of 2014, researchers at the University of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy were looking into whether a group of drugs called selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) — normally used as anti-depressants — could be used to treat Alzheimer's.

Investigating the philosophy behind near-living architecture

Near-living architecture is an emerging style that incorporates biological features to make environments more responsive to occupants in that space. PBAI’s installations are mini ecosystems — chemically infused and biologically active layers — that perform biochemical reactions like osmosis. They literally react and change in relation to inhabitants of the space.

Monitoring Health of Underground Mining Equipment

The research will entail modeling of diesel engine emissions to correlate with varying states of diesel engine operations so as to determine normal operating parameters. Using machine learning techniques, develop methods to analyze, alert and report on abnormal operating conditions when the vehicle is monitored in real time. The research will provide an important first step towards the development of a predictive maintenance system for underground mining equipment.

Characterization and Improvement of Interfacial Properties of Cathode Materials forRechargeable Hybrid Aqueous Batteries Year Two

A new aqueous rechargeable battery combining an intercalation cathode with a metal anode has been developed recently. The energy density for a prototype battery is comparable or superior to commercial 2 V rechargeable batteries. There is a need to further improve the cycle performance and to reduce self-discharge effects of this battery. In this proposed research, novel surface improvements will be applied to the cathode material to improve the overall electrochemical performance of the battery and to improve the stability of the cathode material.

Coherent Control of High-Q Devices Year Two

Research into understanding and controlling microscopic quantum mechanical phenomena has led to revolutionary new quantum devices, including quantum sensors and actuators that have unprecedented levels of sensitivity, efficiency, and functionality for a wide variety of tasks. A particularly compelling example is high quality factor (high-Q) superconducting resonators for magnetic resonance. These new devices will be substantially more sensitive than current devices in widespread use.