Understanding the facilitators and barriers to effective water and sanitation interventions for characterizing spatial trends of Shigella infections in Jiangsu, China

Home to the world’s largest population, China faces scarce water resources and water contamination problems are causing a significant portion of China’s rural population to live without access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. Exposure to water contaminated with human feces can cause severe diarrheal diseases, especially among children under the age of 5. In the Eastern province of Jiangsu, a significant number of diarrhea incidences are caused by shigellosis, or watery diarrhea.

Ontario start-up engages employees with video games

Ontario organizational development consulting firm ODScore asked just that. Except that instead of using actual video games to engage their clients’ employees, they use the principles that make video games engrossing to engage employees at work.

So when they wanted to develop a new service to tackle bigger organizational changes, ODScore turned to the University of Waterloo’s Games Institute for renewed expertise.

At a meeting with Professor Neil Randall, the company learned that what they thought was a technical challenge, was really one of human relations.

Postcard from India: University of Waterloo student’s nanocomposite both detects and scavenges mercury in contaminated water

Under the guidance of Professor Michael K.C. Tam in the University of Waterloo’s Department of Chemical Engineering, I have been developing novel nanocomposites based on sustainable nanomaterials that can remove wastewater contaminants. Prof. Tam’s laboratory specializes in the design and development of novel functional materials based on eco-friendly nanomaterials and polymers.

Chromosome Engineering for Bioproducts from Methanotrophs

Currently Metagenom Bio Inc. offers contract research services in environmental microbial species profiling. Applications for this service include the monitoring of biogas operations, greenhouses, and mining processes. Metagenom Bio wishes to offer solutions that use microbes to generate value-added products. Biogas reactors can break down waste products and produce methane, or natural gas. This methane can be burned, or some of it may be used to create materials using bacteria that can consume methane.

The role of forest governance in food and livelihood security: A case study of NIRMAN, Odisha, India

This project is based on how the communities which rely on the forests of different regions within the state of Odisha, India, cope with and adapt to environmental and social challenges in relation to their daily lives and livelihoods. Using local ecological, social, and cultural knowledge, I will analyze environmental, social and policy challenges, and their impacts on the community livelihoods. I will also analyze the adaptation strategies used by the forest communities and examine the influence of other stakeholders in this area.

A Generalized Model Predictive Path Planning System for Autonomous Vehicles on Structured Roads

Autonomous vehicles process the data received from their sensors to recognize the road and the obstacles in their perception module, and determine the desired route via the decision making module. Then, in the path planning module, they plan a path so that the vehicle follows the route while it observes the rules, avoids obstacles, and keeps the vehicle stable. Two common path planning methods, potential fields and model predictive controllers, have been combined in this project to develop a path planning module that is general, optimal, and predictive.

Design and implementation of wideband and low-side-lobe-level antenna array in LTCC technology for automotive millimeter-wave radar sensor applications

This project is a collaboration between MMSENSE Technologies and the Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS) at the University of Waterloo to research, investigate, and design an integrated radar module at millimeter-waves.

Exposing the Invisible ? Wind?s Potential in Architecture

The objective of this project is to improve the communication between architects and wind engineers so that affects associated with wind such as pedestrian comfort, building strength and ventilation may be considered earlier on within the design phase of a project. By documenting the development of the invisible yet extremely prominent winds that flow through the intersection of Bay and King in Toronto, Ontario, I hope to apply and emphasize how key concepts of aerodynamics apply to a full-scale example that is relatable.

Investigation and Implementation of Integrated Electronic Scanning Automotive Radar Sensor front-end module at 77/79GHz band for Short and Long Range, High Angle and Range Resolution detection

The main objective of this project is to investigate, design, fabricate and characterize an integrated front end module for next generation of automotive radar sensors, which have the ability of pedestrian detection and detecting short-range and long-range objects
around the car. To meet such requirements and to reduce the size of the radar sensor, next generation of automotive radar sensors should be designed at millimeter wave (76-81 GHz) with sufficiently low production cost for mass market. This introduce several research
challenges in both transceiver and antenna array.

Housing Boom and Bust in Resource-based Economy-the Case of Ordos City, China

Ordos is a resource-based city located in Inner Mongolia, China, which currently undergoes a financial crisis caused by a collapsing housing market. During the past 15 years, the housing market in Ordos City has experienced a boom and bust cycle. This research aims to conduct a systematic and scientific research to thoroughly explore the reasons behind this unfortunate crisis. The significance and uniqueness of this research lie in the discussion of housing market in a resource-based economy, which is a missing part in the existing studies.