User Centric Resource Management for Coordinated Multi-point, with Heterogeneous Back-haul Links

In the evolution of any industry, there are certain turning points which are crucial for the industry to be prepared for them, in advanced. Wireless sector is close to a number of turning points, from technological aspects, emerging operator’s business models, and customer’s diverse demands.

Collaborative BIM for Change Management in Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industry

"In this project, a new digital platform will be created through which social interactions among the actors involved in the design & construction projects are detected and correlated to the IFC model of the facility. The created system will form the social network of actors involved in the process of design change, and also will semantically understand and archive the change instances in different phases of a project. By matching the two, the knowledge-base of the system will support the change management in BIM-based projects.

Modeling and Analytics for Big Data Applications

It has always been challenging to manage data at large-scale as there are no standards and best practices currently available for modeling and analysis of data. Currently available solutions rely on limited information and are confined to manual processing which makes the process of data handling and management slow, inefficient and hard. This makes modeling and analysis crucial to be able to track, monitor and manage applications that are complex, critical in nature and produce intensive data.

Expanding the capabilities of a neurosurgery software platform to provide clinical solutions for advanced spinal cord imaging and intra-operative guidance

Pathologic changes that occur in the cervical spinal cord as a result of injury and disease are not well characterized with current clinical imaging techniques. Synaptive Medical has recently developed a suite of innovative medical imaging products focused on the brain and image-guided neurosurgery. They are interested in investigating the potential application of these technologies beyond the brain.

Benchmarking and improving the energy efficiency of water distribution systems

Water and wastewater utilities typically represent the single largest municipal consumer of electricity. Previous studies have shown the potential to significantly reduce this use through infrastructure and operational improvements, particularly for water distribution. The proposed research seeks to validate and expand the application of energy metrics, developed by the applicant, that describe how energy is supplied, dissipated, lost, and delivered, throughout water distribution systems.

Molecular mechanism of action of anti-fibrotic antibodies

Significant advances in technologies related to antibody discovery and development have allowed therapeutic antibodies to become the fastest growing class of biopharmaceuticals over the last 20 years. Northern Biologics is a biotechnology company that seeks to develop therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer and fibrosis. Together with Dr.

Identifying Fraudulent E-Commerce Behaviour via Robust Anomaly Detection

The objective is to develop a real-time fraud detection algorithm for a large E-commerce company based on construction of a robust reference model from normal multivariate data. To accomplish this, we propose to leverage machine learning techniques, such as reinforcement learning, in combination with stochastic modeling techniques such as Hidden Markov Models, to provide both a comparative study between the approaches and possibly produce an enhanced algorithm which applies both methods appropriately.

Measuring What Matters in Education

The central goal of this research project is to broaden measurement of school performance across Canada by developing, collecting, and measuring data on six performance indicators as follows: academic achievement, physical health, social-emotional development, creativity, citizenship, and school climate. Having developed competencies in these areas during phase one of the project, the current phase aims to begin the process of measuring the indicators of interest and reporting on results. Survey data will be collected and integrated with existing government data sources.

Innovative design of a sound numerical model calibration process: from lab tests to input data

Geomechanica Inc. develops simulation software (Irazu) for rock engineering applications. This numerical software has been used in several peer-reviewed research publications in the rock mechanics field. A key challenge in the numerical modelling of rock masses is the selection of
appropriate input parameters. The objective of this work is to develop a solution to streamline the laboratory testing and integration of the results into Irazu models. As a result, the time needed to build a model will be significantly reduced and the uncertainties in the model inputs will be

Processes Governing Hydrocarbon Movement in Heterogenous Soils

Groundwater contamination by hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel is a serious threat to the environment and human health. Sources of this contamination include leaking underground storage tanks, pipleline breaks, tanker truck accidents and train derailments. There is a need for improved understanding of the mobility of hydrocarbon fuels in the subsurface to allow more accurate risk assessment and design of more effective remediation schemes.