Pregnancy and malaria, a deadly combination

Working under the direction of University of Alberta Professor Stephanie Yanow and PhD student Catherine Mitran, Ina is looking at samples from pregnant women in several regions in South America who have been infected with a type of malaria parasite called Plasmodium vivax. She’s then exploring the cross-reaction of those samples to that of pregnant women who’ve been infected by a different malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, to see if the first species can create antibodies that contribute to protection against the second species.

Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation for efficient sprinkler system

InteliRain Inc. has developed an effective sprinkler system producing excellent uniformity water distribution for regular or irregular areas but using 30% less water compared to most existing standard industry system. However, the performance of the InteliRain system deteriorates rapidly when it is tested in an open field with wind effect. In this project, the intern will develop a mathematical model and computational algorithm to simulate the InteliRain system for cases with wind effect.

Wintering Hills Reverse Auction

This research would determine the costs of securing and restoring drained wetland areas on private lands in the Wintering Hills area of Alberta, Canada, through the use of an approach called a “reverse auction.” Collaborating with Ducks Unlimited Canada, the project would pay farmers to allow wetlands to be restored on their property. The payment levels would be determined by the landowners through the auction process. Understanding the costs of restoration is largely unknown, but is critical for the Government of Alberta as they implement the 2013 Alberta Wetland Policy.

Efficient Signal Processing and Radio Resource Management for High-Throughput and Low-Latency Massive MIMO Cellular Systems - Year two

Future cellular systems must accommodate increasing demand for very high throughput and low latency data services. Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) approach involving base stations equipped with much larger numbers of antennas than the numbers of users served promises to significantly increase network capacity, while nonorthogonal multi-carrier transmission is expected to dramatically reduce the latency.

Finite Element and Probabilistic-Based Analysis of Dents in Pipelines

Pipelines are a common means to transport oil, gas, and other petroleum products used by citizens in everyday life. Permanent inward deformations, called dents, can develop along a pipeline, most of which are not a safety concern. The objective of the project is to develop the processes used to accurately assess the safety of different types of dents. Maintaining pipeline integrity is of utmost importance to protect the environment and the community.

Development of fabrication, microstructure and performance relationships in inkjet printed polymer electrolyte fuel cell electrodes for automotive applications

Polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) running on hydrogen are a preferred choice for on-board electricity generation in automobiles. A major challenge associated with this technology is its high cost due to the use of platinum as electrocatalyst. Implementation of inkjet printing as a fabrication tool has been investigated by the applicant and the academic supervisor to fabricate and test PEFC electrodes that are 5 times thinner and contain 15 times lower platinum than conventional electrodes resulting in an improved catalyst utilization.

Formulation and Toxicology of Bone-Targeting Nanoparticles

Bones undergo a renewal process by replenishing calcium mineral through a cellular process known as remodeling. Usually, it happens in a balanced manner, but in many bone diseases, the remodeling process is increased with regional bone metabolism. Bisphosphonate (BP) drugs selectivity and strongly bind to bone mineral and become incorporated at active sites of bone turnover in an increased amount.

Modularization and Standardization of Pipe Rack Infrastructure

The growing trend of delivering structural design services for industrial structures to foreign countries has often led to designs that reflect the local experience of designers who are part of a construction culture that includes very low-cost labour. The result is that Canadian construction companies such as the research partner company, Waiward Steel LP, are faced with fabricating structures that are neither efficient nor provide good value for owners.

Performance evaluation of a Novel “Displacement Buffering System” for Buried Pipelines

ALFA Upgrades recently developed a system for buried pipelines, referred to as “Displacement Buffering System (DBS)”, to redistribute the stress and strain concentrations in a pipe and limit the allowable lateral displacement of the pipe in the incidence of large ground movement.
The scope of this project includes performing experimental tests and consequently developing equations that estimate the extent of allowable applied displacement before the onset of pipe buckling while the DBS is in place.

Using GIS Mapping to Understand the Burden of Trauma in East Africa

The World Health Organization estimates trauma causes 5 million deaths each year, 90% of those deaths occurring in low-to-middle income countries. While improved outcomes have been noted when resources are focused on improving staff training, infrastructure, supplies availability, and process organization, the burden of injury in Kenya is not fully known and significant injury and death from major traumas occur frequently.