Development of a gender-sensitive organizational assessment model

The objective of this assignment is to strengthen the institutional and organizational assessment (IOA) model developed by Universalia to identify gender dimensions which affect equity and performance within an organization. To do so, the intern will be asked to proceed to a mapping of existing gender equality tools (as well as their strengths and weaknesses) used in the assessment and capacity-building of international development organizations in order to further develop the IOA model.

Pharmaceutical development of a thermo-sensitive polymer for intrabladder delivery

Targeted delivery of drugs can reduce the side effects associated with oral delivery systems. The urethra provides easy access of therapeutic agents to the urinary bladder, an ideal organ for localized therapy for the treatment of bladder cancer, interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder, and chronic prostatitis. We propose a new therapeutic approach to increase the residency time and efficacy of the drugs by using biogradable polymers as a drug carrier, allowing a prolonged release of drugs in the bladder.

Adaptation d’une modélisation statistique de l’érosion de cavitation à un autre type de turbine hydraulique et intégration d’un modèle physique

L’une des stratégies mise en oeuvre par Hydro-Québec pour accompagner la demande croissante d’électricité, consiste à caractériser les phénomènes contribuant à la dégradation des turbines hydrauliques. Dans cette optique, le phénomène de cavitation est étudié, car il est à l’origine de l’érosion et donc de l’endommagement des turbines. Ce phénomène correspond au passage de l’eau de l’état liquide à l’état gazeux sous l’effet d’une baisse de pression, engendrée par la rotation des aubes de la turbine.

AMH, predictive tool of ovarian response to a superovulation treatment in the cow

In dairy cows, future generations are created by embryo transfer techniques, which entail a superovulation treatment followed by fertilization in the field or in the laboratory. Due to enormous pressure exerted by breeders, cows are now superovulated very young, even before puberty and thereafter are superovulated routinely. Despite improvements in this technique, there is still variability in the ovarian response to treatment and loss of ovarian response after the 5th or 6th superovulation treatment.

Development of an Integral Strategy for Model-based Dose Adaptation in Chemotherapy Year Two

Drug models describe the relationship between exposure (or pharmacokinetics), response (or pharmacodynamics) for both desired and undesired effects, and individual patient characteristics. In this project, drug models will be used to propose an integrated dose adaption strategy for cancer treatment. This strategy has a particular clinical value for our partner (InVentiv Health Clinical, a Contract Research Organization) because it would allow to better inform of the drug development process, thus reducing studies´ cost, drug development duration and risks in a long run.

Modèle de mélange avec noyaux pour la classification des données de grande dimension

Les données qu'on rencontre aujourd'hui sont souvent de grande dimension. Avec les données génétiques, les signaux et les images, des méthodes d'analyse qui tiennent compte de la taille des données est plus que jamais nécessaire. Chez Hydro-Québec, une nouvelle méthode de surveillance des équipements électriques a été développée, qui fait appel à la théorie de la communication. Cette méthode a mis en évidence l'utilité de tenir compte du comportement des données aléatoires dans un espace de grande dimension, bien connu en théorie des communications.


Osteoarthritis is a chronic painful disease of joints that involves the progressive destruction of the articular cartilage and bone and leads to pain. It affects both humans and animals. Animals can serve as models for the human disease and in this case we will study equine OA. There is currently no effective medication that can effectively reverse the cartilage destruction in OA. This is mediated by enzymes. It was believed to be due to MMP enzymes alone until recently we showed that Cathepsin K is also involved.

Development of a sub-unit vaccine to protect swine against the infections caused by Streptococcus suis

Streptococcus suis is one of the most important causes of bacterial disease in post-weaned piglets. Affected animals suffer from meningitis (affected brain), endocarditis (affected heart), arthritis (affected joints) and septicemia (general infection). There are 35 serotypes of S. suis (same bacteria but different antigens). Some of these serotypes (such as serotype 2) can also affect humans (transmission from pigs), causing serious disease. Usually, veterinarians use antibiotics to treat and even protect animals.

Système automatisé de conformité

Le projet vise à concevoir un système informatique en mode Saas (Software as a service) qui permette de réaliser de façon automatique et autonome le diagnostic des processus d’une PME pour vérifier son niveau de conformité à une réglementation, la production de recommandations personnalisées en fonction de l’entreprise, de ses besoins, de ses processus et de son contexte d’affaires, la certification de conformité après l’implémentation des recommandations.

Accounting for policy transfer in Canadian asylum policy, 1999-2012

In the context of the intern’s postdoctoral project, the research project aims to examine the correlation between the restrictiveness of a reform and the likeliness of its transfer using the IMPALA database. To this aim, the intern, after having received appropriate training, will incorporate the relevant regulatory framework in the International Migration Policy and Law Analysis (IMPALA) database. The IMPALA database includes a wider range of regulatory documents than existing databases, with primary and secondary legislation, administrative directives and relevant case law.