An Integrated Evaluation and Planning System for Supporting Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources

Groundwater over-extraction and the associated adverse effects have raised significant concerns. In order to respond to the urgent calls for effective management approaches and control actions, this study aims to develop an innovative groundwater evaluation and planning system by integrating water balance modelling, system optimization, scenario analysis and capability assessment.

Air Quality Monitoring and Modelling of Emissions from Cruise Ships and the Associated Traffic in James Bay in Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC has become a favorite stopping point for cruise liners, the majority of which are en route to, or heading back from, Alaska. A record number of 184 ships and 352,000 passengers visited Victoria during the 2006 cruise season (April to October) and 163 calls are expected in 2007. To help understand the impact of the cruise traffic on the surrounding waterways, the intern will use CALPUFF atmospheric dispersion modeling to model emissions from visiting cruise ships and the associated bus and taxi traffic.

Assessing Ecosystem Health of an Agricultural Watershed Using Insect Condition

Streams become contaminated with pesticides through runoff, groundwater contamination and aerial deposition. Previously, a research team had determined that aquatic insects are negatively affected by insecticides at concentrations that are detected in streams in Atlantic Canada. These concentrations were so low that they were not thought to cause effects. It was found that mayflies were smaller, less fit and always female when exposed to insecticides in artificial streams. In some cases, we saw these effects even at the lowest concentrations (0.1 parts per billion).

Calculation of the True Anisotrophic Distance Between Points

Geostatistics uses statistical modelling to assess the uncertainty inherent in natural resource problems. There is always a sparsity of data because of the cost of getting samples. Statistical models have emerged as the preferred method of quantifying the uncertainly in this situation. These models allow mining, petroleum and environmental companies to make better decisions when faced with sparse data. Thus, the intern’s research will develop a methodology to calculate the true distance between samples.

Application of an Age Structured Model to the Northumberland Strait

AMEC Earth & Environmental is a company that provides assessments and potential solutions for environmental issues. The intern will assist AMEC by creating mathematical models for several environmental projects including the Northumberland Strait ecosystem. A mathematical model will provide AMEC with a tool for assessment of proposed indicators of ecosystem health and forecasting that can be adapted to future environmental projects. Her work is expected to provide direct and immediate benefit to AMEC through improvements to statistical models and computational methods.

A Tessellated Approach to 3-D Parabolic Equation Acoustic Modeling

The propagation of sound underwater is influenced by variations of the environment in range, depth and azimuth. Many sound propagation models ignore the azimuthal dependence and solve two-dimensional (2D) problem in range and depth. In this project, various mathematical techniques for applying azimuthal dependence into a full 3-D sound propagation model will be investigated. The techniques will be evaluated for computational efficiency when modelling large areas.