Development of multiple algorithmic solutions to aid in making platform for delivering unique and reliable insights on Employee Engagement for organizations

Pintellect is Enterprise Social Software that gives employees access to the thoughts and ideas of the organization’s influencers by encouraging them to share links to the internal files or external resources such as books, TED talks, podcasts, articles, etc. The objective for this project is to develop multiple algorithmic solutions for curated feed of content by department on the dashboard based on number of identified criteria. Specifically, the goal would be to design four different algorithms based on descriptive statistical analysis: (1) Identification of periodically top influencers in a given organization, (2) Periodic curated feeds of content by department, (3) Upvote weightage algorithm for different members of the organization who provide upvotes on the shared content, and (4) Logic for employee engagement statistics. After that, Curated e-mail summary would be designed periodically to send across in an organization.

Shams Narsinh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Craig Scratchley
British Columbia
Partner University: