Globalink initiatives offer two-way mobility between Canada and Mitacs partner countries. Senior undergraduate and graduate students at Canadian universities may be eligible.


Globalink initiatives for students at Canadian universities to do research abroad


Globalink Research Award
12- to -24 week research project abroad
Undergraduate and graduate students
Accelerate International
16- to 24-week research project with an international industry partner
Graduate students
Endeavour Research Fellowship
Short-term research project in Australia
Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
RISE-Globalink Research Internship
10- to 12-week research project in Germany
Undergraduate students
Mitacs-JSPS Summer Program
10-week research project in Japan
Graduate students


Globalink Orientation Guide for University Administrators
Mitacs Globalink has developed a Globalink Orientation Guide that provides an overview of the Globalink program, outlines the roles and responsibilities of Mitacs and university partners. Please note, this is a general guideline, and the roles and responsibilities for Mitacs’ university partners may differ, depending on each university’s structure. Mitacs works with each university to deliver programs as effectively as possible.

  Download the Guide