Stop Food Waste Research Opportunity - BC-338

Preferred Disciplines: Master, PhD and Postdoctoral students with an Urban Land Food Systems/data analytics discipline.
Project length: 4 to 6 months
Approx. start date: September 15, 2017- January 31 2018.
Location: Vancouver, BC (exact location to be determined) 
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Preference of a BC Lower mainland University. Language: English or bilingual
Company: NA

About Company:

The food company is stopping food waste and changing the relationship between people, food, and the environment by connecting people and non-profits to food before it's thrown away. We aggregate the saved food amount, reduced greenhouse gasses  and identify communities missing nutritional benefits to ensure nobody goes hungry.  With our platforms environment and social benefits we change how we interact and with food and the environment in one place the easy way.

Summary of Project:

A Vancouver company is researching and developing its global food security map to  inform the general public about  general food marketplace behavior which can be aggregated into quality assessment indicators to inform municipal offices and regional areas on how to increase food security in their respected areas.

 The main purpose of the map is to reveal the food market trends, surplus and deficits of (mainly fresh) foods in the marketplace so the company can provide strong logistical support and solutions to the coordination of food in cities- and municipal offices independently receive food security recommendations in the long term.  

The scope of the project includes the research candidate researching the map indicators selecting which indicators to go onto the website, developing  a baseline used for city offices and creating a legend, map website wireframe,  user experience (functions/flow), and templates for unfinished objectives.

In summary, the map is capable of independently providing municipal offices with private access to basic recommendations to increase food security in their area, access to friendly- cost food opportunities from neighbourhood and other organizations,  community garden locator and aggregating market data to efficiently direct food in the community to reduce food greenhouse gas footprint during transportation. 

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Community Garden locations throughout BC/lower mainland 
  • Map legends and key food security indicators
  • Company food vendor site location
  • Municipal legend and baseline for recommendations for  food security score


    To be discussed 

    Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • 3-4 years of experience from co-op, project or research development opportunities
    • Gis mapping software (helpful)

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