Smartphone imaging for Chronic Wound Measurment - BC-321

Preferred Disciplines: Biology, Dermatology, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering
Project length: 4 months each
Desired start date: Fall 2016
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 2
Preferences: We prefer to focus on Universities in the BC lower mainland, but would consider the BC Capital Region as well
Company: eTreat Medical Diagnostics Inc.

About Company:

eTreatMD is an award winning early stage mobile health (mHealth) app development company based in downtown Vancouver. We develop Health Canada approved and FDA-regulated mHealth imaging apps that provide patients and consulting doctors with pain and treatment history, and spatially accurate anatomical measurements from a smartphone camera. Our first app, eTreatMD myHand, provides a solution for customers suffering with hand arthritis and won the Telus Outstanding Product Achievement Award in mHealth recently. Our partners include The Arthritis Society. 

Project Description:

We develop mHealth apps for chronic diseases such as hand arthritis and skin diseases using an innovative image processing algorithm that accurately measures anatomy simply by using a smartphone or tablet camera. We wish to extend our capabilities to measuring chronic wounds. This project is to develop the algorithms for a mobile app that scientifically measures and analyzes physical changes in chronic wounds as a result of disease progression or injury, and healing progress as the wound is treated.  It also involves designing a back for a smartphone or tablet, that incorporates specialized LED illumination and filters for fluorescence imaging

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Accurately measure wound features including size and position, presence of infection and measurement of other wound features from a smartphone image
  • Develop an app that controls the acquisition of the image to enable efficient measurement by image analysis algorithms
  • Develop software algorithms that use smartphone  data, image and sensor information to make accurate measurements
  • Develop an attachment that will facilitate measurment of infection
  • Test and quantitatively characterize the ability of the system to measure wounds and infection
  • Track progress of changes over time


  • Use image processing techniques to correct for camera distortion and calibrate image into real world coordinates
  • Idenitfy and measure wound and wound features
  • Develop fluorescence imaging system attachment for smartphone/tablet and associated algorithms to measure infection
  • Test ability to detect and quantify bacteria using  both in vitro and in vivo methods such as bacterial cultures, animal tissue or live animals or humans

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Knowledge of image processing techniques
  • Knowledge of human physiology and chronic wounds
  • We are interested in exploring a larger project incorporating Mitacs Accelerate AND NSERC Engage with eligible professors

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