Real-Time Decision Support System for Stock Trading - BC-323

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Science – PDF
Project length: One year / 3 units (proposal submitted/in review – option to renew for a second year)
Desired start date: Fall2016/Winter2017
Location: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Post Doctoral Fellowship to be carried out at UBC’s Okanagan campus
Company: InvLogik Solutions Inc. / UBC’s Okanagan campus

About Company:

InvLogik Solutions inc is a privately held Canadian company based in Kelowna BC. The company was founded in Jan 2016. However it was started up with a significant amount of IP transferred from another company held by the main shareholders. That company had been actively researching in the AI and business support systems fields for 12 years..

Project Description:

Equity trading systems require the trader to constantly make decisions about buying or selling equities quickly in a highly stressful environment. The information is typically confusing, highly dynamic, and imprecise and often conflicts with other information. There is also a huge amount of information that could potentially be used in the decision making process. There is very high potential for significant financial gains or losses depending on what decisions are made. This project aims to develop a decision support system that offers the most relevant information in a fashion that is helpful rather than confusing. The problem of selecting the right stock at the right time involves not only uncertain, dynamic and imprecise information but also selecting from a number of alternatives that need to be ranked based on several, and sometimes conflicting, criteria.

A great opportunity for a Post-Doctoral Fellow to conduct cutting-edge research in the Rapidly-Growing Tech Hub of the Beautiful Okanagan Valley :

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

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Expertise and Skills Needed:

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