Membran Smart-Tickets (Ethereum Blockchain) - BC-352

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Science / Software Engineering. Level : Master, PhD, Post-Doc
Project length: 6 months
Desired start date: As soon as possible. 
Location: Hamburg, Germany (Potentially Vancouver – New office planned for 2018)
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: BC Universities are preferred, but not required. Language: English  (Any German aptitude will be postive)
Company: Membran Entertainment Canada Ltd.

About Company:

Membran Entertainment Canada is an affiliate of the Membran Entertainment Group. Founded in 1969, Membran has expanded worldwide and provides end-to-end services to our musical artists and labels including both physical and digital distribution, cd and vinyl manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, marketing, promotion, and an array of label services including album release planning, strategy, and coordination, all on a global scale.

Artists that have signed to, or worked with membran have been nominated for numerous awards across all genres, including 8 grammy nominations in 2017 alone. We have passionate team of people working with us around the world who love music and take pride in building relationships with our artists and labels and making the most success of each release we manage.

Project Description:

Ticket sales information in the live events industry is currently stored and managed across disparate systems, proprietary standards, and individually centralized databases. Fraud and artificially distorted markets plague the industry, resulting in inefficient market economics, rent-seeking, and an overall frustrated user experience.

Current attempts to solve this problem have been “blunt instruments” that introduce further user frustration and inconvenience, or in law, unenforceable restrictions. We believe that a blockchain based solution for the management of event tickting can provide a unique, refined, transparent, and effective solution to fraud and secondary mark activity.

Our system will be more compatible with conventional infrastructure while still offering benefits such as double-spend protection, digital ticketing (tickets are created, validated, modified and used all on-chain, allowing much more functionality to be built into them), and reduced operating fees.

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

Objective 1: To solve for user (event creator) access to a decentralized platform while simultaneously protecting against malicious DDoS attacks. The platform must allow new token creators to easily access the decentralized app without allowing them to “spam” the network with tokens. Some form of authenticated access or network voting, or other solution is required.

Objective 2: Test implementations for secure end-user ticket transfer. The platform should allow for end-users to transfer tickets to other users or back to the seller safely and securely, but within parameters pre-set by the ticket creator.

Objective 3: Research and test end-user ticket ID solutions. The platform’s goal is to protect against fraud. It should therefore provide for a unique ticket-user ID that cannot easily be copied or transferred to another user. E.g. A unique hash derived from the user, ticket, and last-mined block hash. 


  • To be determined

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Exposure to blockchain technology, with a focus on Ethereum
  • JavaScript front-end technologies (React, Redux, Webpack, ES6+)
  • Javascript libraries and frameworks concerning Ethereum (Truffle, Web3.js)
  • Smart Contract programming (Solidity)
  • Distributed storage (IPFS)
  • Exposure to P2P/Decentralized Systems
  • Exposure to game theory and cryptography
  • Version Control (e.g. git)

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