Integration of modern software tools and methods for decision processes and meetings in medium to large companies - BC-312

Preferred Disciplines: Business, Computer Science, Decision science (Master, PhD, Post-Doc)
Project length: 4 months to start
Desired start date: As soon as a suitable intern is found
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Vancouver mainland
Company: n/a

About Company:

We are a start-up company with a team comprised of decision scientists, software geeks, and data enthusiasts working out of the entrepreneurship center at the University of British Columbia. We've been building various decision/meeting tools since 2013. We are currently finalizing a potentially game-changing online platform and an innovative visualization dashboard for meetings that could reduce meeting and decision time by 30%-50%.

Project Description:

The project focuses on identifying the most effective ways to enable and streamline adopting of software technologies (with a focus on our solution) for meetings and decision processes in medium to large companies. We have a game-changing SaaS product with a mobile-first design that can make meetings shorter and less frequent while resulting in faster and more robust decisions. However, adopting new technology for meetings is very challenging despite the big value that it provides.

Medium to large companies face significant costs and lost opportunities due to slow decision making processes and unproductive meetings. Most meeting and decision process technology integrations have been around what we call infrastructure communication technologies such as video/telephone conferencing, projectors, microphones, and large touch screens. Less focus has been on group interactions and the content created and exchanged among participants before, during, and after each meeting. While conventional meetings continue to suffer from low engagement, lack of buy-in and accountability, wasted time, distractions, and no-outcome meetings, there continues to be a lack of successful technology solutions that are able to solve such problems.

The aim of this research project is to identify the gap between what people need in their meetings and what is available to them as technology solutions.

The project consists of three parts:

A. Identify features and expectations and develop best methods for adopting meeting and decision making tools

We are looking for a passionate and proactive person to conduct this project. He/She should be able to proactively contact, connect, and interact with managers and leadership teams in medium to large organizations to understand their pains and processes. The ideal candidate has outstanding communication skills to reach senior mangers especially in c-level/leadership positions and engage them in a conversation to learn about their decision and meeting processes, pains, existing tools and methods, and to identify the best ways that they can adopt modern software solutions and who such solutions can adapt to meet their needs.

B. Controlled user experiments/pilot meetings

The intern should be able to design and facilitate a controlled experiment with participating managers/companies. We will support the intern throughout the process, but she/he should have the background and drive to complete this.

The controlled experiments will be conducted in a one-hour meeting inside a company with a select group of people. They will interact with our product on a decision topic. There might be surveys to be filled in by participants.

The intern will design the meeting with help from our team. We've done this before! It's going to be fun!

C. Summarize and analyze date and compile a report with detailed recommendations

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • What pains are most significant for medium to large companies?
  • What factors drive the decision to consider a new technology for meetings and decision processes?
  • What (logical and emotional) barriers do companies face in adopting modern technologies for their meetings?
  • What are the best methods for adopting new technologies for decision making process and meetings?


  • Phone/in-person interviews
  • Controlled experiments
  • Observatory techniques
  • Literature review
  • Data analysis

Expertise and Skills Needed:

We are seeking candidates that have the following skills:

  • Familiar with user study techniques including interviews, focus groups, observation, controlled experiments, …
  • Exceptional communication (verbal and written) skills
  • Some background in business or management
  • Strong teamwork skills

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