Development of a model and simulation capability to perform thermal analysis of recreational vehicle bodies - ON-108

Preferred Disciplines and Level: Aerospace, Architecture and Design, Engineering, Engineering – Civil, Engineering – Mechanical, Environmental Sciences, Resource and Environmental Management; Master Level, PhD level
Company: Erwin Hymer Group North America
Project Length: 4-6 months
Desired start date: As soon as available
Location: Cambridge, Ontario
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: Language: English

About the Company: 

Erwin Hymer Group North America is a leading manufacturer of class B motorhomes in North America and a growing and innovative company in all areas of the Recreational Vehicle Market.  

Project Description:

Develop a model and simulation capability to be able to evaluate thermal performance of a recreational vehicle body. This would include heating and cooling sources, thermal flows in the space and heat loss/gain through various materials and surfaces. Research to develop the model would also include evaluation of best practices and methods of incorporating it into a design flow.

Research Objectives:​

  • A method of modelling thermal characteristics and properties within a recreational vehicle space including all thermodynamic influences within and on that space
  • A method of simulating the performance of those design choices for analysis based on the model created
  • Research and evaluation of methodoloy in different fields and best practices
  • Design of a process or framework for incorporating thermal analysis  into the design of recreational vehicle bodies


  • To be defined within the project

Expertise and Skills Needed:

    • Expertise with thermal modelling/simulation software or creation of thermal modelling and simulation capability
    • Thorough understanding of thermodynamics and thermal properties of various materials and thermal flows
    • Experience in how thermal modelling and simulation can integrate and be beneficial in a design process


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