Create innovative business planning and task management platform and site for entrepreneurs - QC-083

Preferred Disciplines: Computer Science
Company: N/A
Project Length:  4 months
Desired start date: ASAP
Location: Montreal, ON
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: N/A

About the Company: 


Project Description:

Developer is needed to create new gamified platform, run testing, and bring best industry practices to the team. It is gamified because there are different levels to master and different tasks to achieve. When you achieve them, you will get badges and rewards and go to the next level.  It is structured in a way to get the entrepreneurs to research market needs and prove product market fit before investing a lot of money and time into the business.  An example of an early stage task would be validating your idea. You will have 3 days to accomplish a specific criterion to validate your idea in order to achieve product market fit.  You can to get reminders about the stages that you are in.  Once you do, you will get a new badge and move onto the next level.  There will be a web and mobile version.

Research Objectives:

  • Create a modern gamified web and mobile application
  • Pivot the platform depending on the user feedback


  • Combing technology trends to capture target market: gamification, referral, social aspect and entrepreneurship and finding a way to collaborate
  • Integrating new technologies on the user and business end to enhance entrepreneurship in Canada

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Full stack developer

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