Accurate cannabis dosages can be sustained when using edibles as a consumption method - BC-369

Preferred Disciplines: Food Science, Chemistry, or other related field. PhD, or Postdoctoral fellow
Project length:  8 to 18 months (2-3 units)
Desired start date: As soon as possible
Location: Vancouver, BC
No. of Positions: 1
Preferences: UBC or SFU preferred. Language : English
Company: MMJ Canada


About Company:

MMJ Canada is an award winning Cannabis Retailer providing access to quality cannabis at a reasonable price. MMJ was granted a Specialized Services for Retail Cannabis License by the City of Vancouver and City of Nelson in 2017 and currently operating in BC, ON and AB. We currently have 10 operating shops and the goal is to achieve 100 by 2020.

Project Description:

Currently in Canada, edibles are not recognized as being a safe method of consuming Cannabis, although it is confirmed one of the most effective. The reason why edibles are not supported is because of the many different ways cannabis react with certain ingredients and when heated, which causes a problem providing guaranteed consistent dosages. We hope to help provide a standard in the regulation of dosages, factoring in all aspects that cause a variance; ingredients used, temperature, cannabis derived product used.

Background and required skills

Research Objectives/Sub-Objectives:

  • Research which particular cannabis concentrates and ingredients are best for each method of producing edibles
  • Research ways to guarantee accurate dosages so that edibles can safely be made in the home of everyday consumers
  • Research a dosage chart which would be used based on each persons: age, sex, weight 


Vary the following factors during edible preparation:

  • Temperature and time
  • Cannabis concentrates (distillate, concentrates, thc isolate, phoenix tears, hash)
  • Incorporate De-carb Scale (heat activating marijuana)
  • Risk factors: tolerance, strain
  • Ingredients

Determine differences in dosage in various edibles, produce a standard protocol that results in consistent dosage. 

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Food handling
  • Cannabis product
  • Decarb process
  • Metrics of dosing cannabis
  • Understanding of the Endocannabinoid system 


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