Enhancing service quality in community health care through preference-based scheduling

In this project, the intern will develop an integrated patients and care givers scheduling system for the allocation of health care resources in community health care. This system provides patients with an online preference collecting interface for them to express their preferences on time, location, and care givers when estimating their service costs and booking a service appointment. In addition, the system will also provide care givers with the opportunity to express their preferences and availability constraints in taking service appointments.

Development of Cost-Effective Solutions for Energy Management in Smart Buildings

This project aims at developing control strategies under the paradigm of Demand Response (DR) in the context of the Smart Grid in order to improve energy efficiency and to reduce operational cost in commercial buildings and communities. The emphasis is put on consumer side energy management strategies that able to balance energy demand and supply and to reduce the overall operational cost while providing an enhanced performance.

Development a Stabilized Computer Vision System for Infrared Aerial Fire Monitoring

Hummingbird Drones provides aerial fire monitoring services to the BC Wildfire Service through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). They conduct night-time flights over wildfire zones to locate and map hotspots for ground crews. Their current operations suffer from two bottlenecks: a heavy camera stabilizer which decreases flight time, and long post-processing time after landing required to analyze captured thermal images.

Crystal Orientation-Wetting Property Relationships for Cerium Oxide

Improving the durability of superhydrophobic surfaces is of significant interest in the surface engineering community. We have recently developed a novel superhydrophobic coating with a hard nanocrystalline nickel matrix and embedded hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) particles. To further improve the mechanical robustness of the non-wetting coating, the soft polymeric PTFE particles were replaced with hard, hydrophobic cerium oxide ceramic particles. However, the intrinsic hydrophobic properties of cerium oxide are not well understood.

Optimization of Reserve Crew Open-Time Pairings at Jazz Aviation LP

The crew scheduling problem deals with the assignment of crews, both pilots and flight attendants, to a given flight schedule, which first requires flights to be grouped into sequences known as pairings which begin and end at the same base or city. Crew pairings must comply with extensive collective agreement rules. This project deals specifically with open-time flying for flight attendants.

Integrated Subsea Pipeline Integrity Management using Real-time Condition Monitoring Technique

Integrated integrity management is essential for subsea pipeline failure prevention, predictive maintenance and life extension campaign. Without managing integrity adequately, the condition of subsea pipeline would continue to deteriorate until premature failure. Real-time Condition Monitoring (CM) is a sensor-based monitoring technique aimed at enhancing the productivity of pipeline operation. The main intent of condition monitoring is to assess operating conditions and performance, improve performance, aid maintenance, extend life and inform operator if the integrity is compromised.

Experimental and Mathematical Modeling of Flow Instability in Heavy Oil Recovery Processes

This research project with the industry partner Saskatchewan Research Council focuses on the displacement front instability in heavy oil recovery processes such as water flooding, solvent injection and polymer flooding. In those processes, the less viscous displacing fluid usually moves faster than the more viscous displaced heavy oil. This results in an instability that manifests itself in the form of finger-shaped intrusions, and which is viscous fingering (VF). The VF phenomenon tends to greatly reduce sweep efficiency, leaving a large amount of untouched heavy oil underground.

Optical and Electrochemical Corrosion Detection and Protection

During the proposed internships, adaptive corrosion protection system (ACPS) will be developed as a stand-alone unit to provide optimum corrosion protection by changing the protection power according to the changes in environment or the material properties. This will allow the dynamic adjustments by implementing the feedback loop for the protected system. The proposed ACPS will also use efficiently stored energy from harvesting or charging. The proposed ACPS will significantly reduce and/or eliminate human interaction for an efficient and a cost-effective.

Investigation and creation of a hardware and software IP that can implement USB 2.0 Audio to I2S conversion

This project aims at designing and creating a hardware and software Intellectual Property that can implement USB to I2S conversion. I2S is an interface which is widely used for audio data transmission. With this design, audio data can be directly transmitted from USB interface to audio signal processing integrated circuits. ESS Technology is a leading semiconductor company specializing in offering comprehensive, multimedia solutions for audio and video applications.

CryoVent - Low or zero carbon cryogenic ventilation for deep mines

The main purpose of this research project is to integrate wind power with cryogen production, which could be one of the most low-carbon and economic methods to generate and store energy. As it can be transported and stored relatively easily, the cryogen becomes an energy vector, like a fuel, that can be used to transport energy from one place to another. The major motivation for the development of this concept comes from the need for high volumes of cold ventilating air for deep mines.