SmogStop Barrier Testing

Sound barriers can be seen beside highways across Ontario and are designed to protect residents from the noise produced by traffic. However, these barriers do little in the way of protecting residents from the pollution produced by nearby vehicles. This project combines a novel sound barrier design with a new pollution control technology that will help reduce the level of traffic related pollutants that those living near major roadways will be exposed to.

Interactive Agent-based eLearning Environment

Mentorina is launching an intelligent learning system that helps teachers observe, measure, and improve each student’s individual performance in the classroom. Teachers can design individualized assignments or exams and through cognitive and metacognitive assessments, they can accurately measure how quickly students are learning the material and can determine each student’s level of comprehension. Through an interactive social media platform, teachers can then help improve a student’s performance on an individual basis.

Can Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) developments in Northwestern BC contribute to social and financial sustainability in First Nations communities?

This thesis seeks to investigate initiatives that address the enhancement of benefits to indigenous people in northwestern BC while minimizing socioeconomic effects from LNG construction phase developments through to operations.

GPN-EMV: Emulation and visualization of game private networks and game servers performance

Proprietary technology developed by WTFast allows global network services to distribute and manage the load for massive multiplayer games despite their logically centralized architecture. In the proposed project, we plan to evaluate this architecture and the potential for predictability and scalability of the server and ”arbiter” components. Another goal is to utilize the infrastructure created by WTFast as the framework on which to test and build game server software that can optimize and monitor WTFast game services in real time.

Enhanced mine safety and productivity in burst prone ground using destress blasting

Destress blasting is a rockburst control technique where highly stressed rock is lightly blasted to reduce stress. This technique is currently used in Canadian mines to reduce stresses around mine production openings. In this research project, the intern will build a numerical model to simulate the destress blasting that will be undertaken at a Canadian nickel mine to extract a highly stressed ore pillar. The aim of the numerical modelling analysis is to determine the stresses in the ore pillar after the destress blasts and then to evaluate the risk of rockbursts and the safety of mining.

Evaluation of smart sprayer for spot-application of agrochemical in wild blueberry fields

There is an urgent need to develop and evaluate an affordable, reliable, real-time variable rate smart sprayer, using affordable sensors/cameras and controllers for spot-specific application of agrochemicals in the wild blueberry cropping system. The main objective of this project is to evaluate the performance of the developed smart sprayer for spot-applications of agrochemicals in wild blueberry fields. The intern working on the smart sprayer will evaluate the smart sprayer in commercial fields to determine the effectiveness of the developed smart sprayer.

Carbon thin-films for cosmetic jewellery applications: Year 3

Thin-films of carbon are finding use in a wide variety of military, industrial, and commercial applications. Arnell Workshop Inc., a West Kelowna, British Columbia-based cosmetic jewellery manufacturer, is using thin-films of carbon in order to coat titanium rings. As of the present moment, they are using an American firm in order to perform these depositions.

Investigation and Analysis of measurement & simulation-based Core-Follow systems for Nuclear Research Reactors

The Nuclear Reactor Group at McMaster University, in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Physics, propose a project to investigate and analyze software systems for use at nuclear research reactors for core-follow and prediction calculations. This project involves research of nuclear fuel burnup calculations, and the creation of a methodology to couple simulation-based core-follow calculations to operational measurements for nuclear research reactors. This work will include implementation of the advanced core-follow and prediction system at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor.

Recovery of minerals as value-added products from source-separated urine

The Aerosan Urine-Diverting Dry Toilet is a dry toilet with urine diversion that is designed to be deployed in the field for humanitarian aid and to provide safe and affordable sanitation in a variety of settings worldwide. This source-separated urine contains almost 80% of the nitrogen, 60% of the potassium and 55% of the phosphorus that humans excrete, and these are the main minerals required by plants.

Thermal and fluid Flow Analysis of Innovative

With increasingly more stringent emission standards as well as higher fuel economy requirements for modern vehicles, the need for improved or new catalytic converter technologies continues to grow. A new generation of catalytic converters, designed and patented by Vida Fresh Air Corp., offers improved thermal management of the converter over traditional catalytic converters resulting in improved emissions and fuel economy as well as reduced cost.